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Come visit Adega Mayor and, with the passion of those who venture to explore their senses, taste two wines in casks and unveil major secrets.

Worldwide, only 2% of wines age in casks. Here, at Adega Mayor, we will show and let you taste our wines.

The visit begins in the auditorium, with a journey to the universe of Adega Mayor, going through the teams and the wine production and oenology processes. After getting to know the process and the people, the visitors discover the casks room and our wines production secrets. Mysteries and curiosities are unravelled here with a tasting that demonstrates the quality of two long-lived wines with soft tannins: one wine aged in French oak barrels and another in American oak barrels.

In the end, enjoy the breath-taking view on the terrace of Adega Mayor and toast to another amazing end-of-day.



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