A Adega
A Adega Mayor estende-se ao longo de 350 hectares de montado de azinho, galerias ribeirinhas e campos agrícolas.

No topo do terraço panorâmico, avista-se, na linha do horizonte, a vinha, o olival da Herdade, Espanha e a Serra de Portalegre. Com um olhar contemporâneo reinventa-se a arte de bem viver.

An architectural global reference in the landscape that distinguishes and dignifies the wine heritage of the Alentejo region. a building whose complexity was white-washed to glorify simplicity and merge with the landscape.

It was in this landscape that architect Siza Vieira designed the winery — simple, clean and straight to the point. His lines gave life to Adega Mayor.

Inside, there are wide spaces for production and storage, and rooms that encourage wine tasting and are a good place to start conversations inspired by the wines.

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