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Come visit Adega Mayor and, with te passion of those who venture to explore their senses, taste four wines and try a major selection of regional flavours. If you want to bring your family, we have a special program for the little ones. The visit begins with our history. A movie in our auditorium invites you to travel back in time to discover how Adega Mayor was born, its first steps and how the wines are produced. The people who visit our winery have the opportunity to go through the different stages of wine making and, in the casks room, they get to know about all of our wines’ production secrets. The visit ends with a tasting of four wines and a Major selection of regional products to get to know more about the aromas and flavours of Alentejo, and in the end you can also enjoy the view from the terrace of Adega Mayor, where great wines are drawn.

Guided Tour with Wine Tasting and Tapas